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I'm Pia

I always hoped to become a design unicorn or a fluffy panda, but life seems to have other plans.

I now have a bigger vision – I want to help companies raise design maturity, change the work culture in tech to become more inclusive and people-oriented, and help people thrive and not just survive in their jobs.

Building and developing a team

Team leader

Teamwork and collaboration / Team purpose / Career vision / Goal setting / DISC profiling / Values & Beliefs / Strengths / Asking and receiving feedback / Team building and events

Building a team is easy, but building a high-performing team is an art form.

My vision for my team is to empower every individual to find their strengths and use them to their fullest – to shine like the brightest stars in the sky. At the same time, I envision a team where people help each other recognize their blind spots and empower each other to create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I believe in teamwork, kind and honest communication, and the importance of psychological safety.

Management case study
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Problem solving as a career

Product designer

Design thinking / UX Research / Ideation / Design workshops  / Screen design & Prototyping / Interaction design / UI Design / Validation & Testing / Design system

I fell in love with user experience and design before I knew what it was…

By now, I have experience leading every stage of the design process, from discovery to delivery. My passion lies in the discovery of the true problem, and my superpowers are facilitation and ideation. That said, I don’t shy away from any design task, be it research, ideation, execution, or working with pixels.

The power of design for me lies in finding the balance between pushing the edge of reality and staying pragmatic.

Design case study
Thriving vs surviving

Career Coach

CV / Portfolio / Cover letter / Mock interviews / Whiteboard challenges / Product and Design exercises / Career vision / Goal setting / DISC profiling and use / Values and Beliefs

It takes courage and action to not just survive at work but to thrive there truly.

I’ve naturally gravitated towards career coaching after working as a Product design mentor. My students’ passion was so inspiring that I wanted to find more ways of supporting them. Seeing how practical some approaches were, I’ve started adapting them for my Design team at work.

I’ve experienced that empowered people who thrive at work regularly go above and beyond compared to their unhappy colleagues.

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