Hi, my name is Pia Klancar. I am a...

User-centered, Product-oriented, People person

I always hoped to become a design unicorn or a fluffy panda, but I like high level concepts, problem solving, and work focused on people more than moving pixels. If I was once only focused on the details, now I see the big picture first and start at the end. I appreciate other people’s’ expertise in making a product better and have the most joy when I can bring coaching and mentoring to my daily work.

A pretty well known fact is that I hate spiders to a point where Australia will probably never see me. And mornings. Mornings without my yoga routine and a huge cup of coffee (or lately matcha latte) are just not worth waking up for.

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My Values

What I believe in

Users First

Passion and dedication drive good work

All problems have solutions

Feedback is breakfast for champions

Open communication fuels positive teamwork

Proaction beats reaction

Teaching and learning support growth

Work Experience

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what I did

Cliqz GmbH

Senior UXD | Mar 2017 - Now

Hired as a Senior UX Designer for the Desktop browser team I quickly adopted more responsibilities starting with setting up design process in Desktop and Mobile team and was in August offered a Product role in Android team. 

Travian Games

Intern >> Senior UX Designer | Jan 2014 - Feb 2017

Given a chance to work in Germany as a UX Designer meant I was thrown in the deep end of the pool and expected to swim. Learning this way and working hard, supported me to progress from intern to a senior in 3 years.

Delo d.d.

Wed Designer | 2010

Created new web design for a few of their pages and learned that there is nothing I cannot learn in the shortest possible time.

Career Foundry

Senior UX + UI for UX mentor | Jan 2017 - Now

My need for teaching and making a difference is fulfilled by working with amazingly passionate career changers. Seeing many of my students work full time and study at the same time reminds me that hard work and passion lead to reaching your dreams.


Owner, Designer | Apr 2009 - Jan 2014

First steps in the world of freelancing showed me how much I love people and teamwork. As much as I loved freedom, I love collaboration more.

Čarobni svet

Co-owner | Jul 2008 - Jan 2012

First contact with the business world gave me an ability to see products not only from a design but also from a business perspective. 

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