Career Foundry webinar

Graduate and Mentor panel with Maureen Herben and Pia Klancar

In Collaboration with CareerFoundry

Learn more about what it’s like to walk the career change path with an expert mentor to provide individual guidance, support, and industry insights. Join us on September 29, 2020 for a panel discussion with Maureen, one of our amazing graduates, and her UX design mentor, Pia. Together, they’ll share their experiences and give you a close-up look at how our 2:1 support model really works for students. Register now to discover:

1. How to choose the right bootcamp for yourself
2. The role of a mentor in learning design
2. What to expect from your mentor
4. What CareerFoundry mentors know about teaching and online/distance education
5. What to talk about with your mentor
6. Some aspects of the unique relationship between mentor and student