Work with me

This is how it works

I am a full-time Design team lead and a coach/mentor. I don’t regularly work with clients anymore as a work in-house full time, but I do, from time to time, additionally work with dedicated and passionate individuals that wish to work with a coach and feel strongly about working with me. Usually, those are either Career changers, Entrepreneurs, or Designers wanting to progress in their careers. If you feel compelled to work with me, let’s have a call and see if we are a good fit.


The first call is called the curiosity call and it’s completely free. You’ll experience your first coaching with me, have an opportunity for your first small breakthrough, and discover how we could work together.

At the end of the session,

… we’ll decide if we want to work together or not.


Now that we’ve decided we want to work together we create a Coaching map. I will guide you through a journey of understanding your vision and help you understand what you truly want.

At the end of the session,

… you’ll leave with clarity about where you want to be at the end of our 3-month journey.


This is where our work truly starts going deeper and deeper. We will spend the next 9 sessions together and I’ll create a space for you to dig in and go towards the future you envisioned in our previous session.

At the end of every session,

… you’ll leave with actionable steps or clarity around the goals set during the session.

Wonder if it's worth it?

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