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Who is Pia anyhow?

There is no quick answer to this question. I started my career as a teacher and transitioned to UX about 10 years ago. But my career hasn’t been straightforward and my skillset includes variety of skills from UX, UI, PO, Mentorship, Coaching, and Leadership. All in all people call me different things and I think of myself as Pia.

For more general info please visit “About me” page and for detailed work info, my Linkedin profile. Either way, I am happy to connect and talk about the three things I love: product, user experience, and personal growth.

Product owner / Product manager

Product oriented

Prioritization / Problem solving / Interviewing / Product Life Cycle / Defining objectives and requirements / Release cycle planning / Agile / Roadmap and vision / Research and analysis 

As much as UX has been my first love for almost 10 years I yearned for new challenges and the natural progression let me to take on more responsibility as a Product owner / Product manager. My story is a story of searching for challenges and yearning for positive impact.

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woman working and planning
User experience design

User focused

Research and Analysis / User flows / Personas / User journeys / Design sprints / Information architecture / Prototyping / Testing 

Having a strong psychology background and experience with my own business led me to UX, which offered diverse possibilities and always kept me growing. What started as a day job is now a way of life and there is pure joy in knowing that I can impact other peoples’ lives through my work and mentoring. If you are interested in UX or you are a student of UX, visit my UXD Girl blog.

UXD Girl blog
Mentoring and Coaching

People person

Mentoring / Coaching / Leadership 

Leadership in my opinion can only come after self growth and in a world that craves open and honest communication choosing an ICF ACC path to become a certified coach was a no brainer to me. Being and mentor and a coach has not only changed my communication style for the better but has also given me a way to give back.

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I am one of those “new age” people that for some reason doesn’t like phones. Write me a message, meet me for coffee, or schedule a Skype call and I’ll be happy to chat.