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What is this magic?

Career and Mindset Coaching

Everyone deserves to have a life and career that makes their heart sing. It’s that one moment right after you’ve woken up and your memory comes back to remind you what is waiting for you that day. Do you let out a sigh or do you smile?

I can help you and your team get that first-morning smile by using coaching and consulting.

Get career you want

Career changers

CV / Portfolio / Cover letter / Mock interviews / Whiteboard challenges / Product and Design exercises / Career vision / Goal setting

As a career changer myself, I know what it means to change career midway and to be lost in the world of information overload. In a world filled with so many conflicting opinions that you have no idea where to even start. You want a change so bad that you feel it in your bones but it seems to be so challenging that the fear either stops you from trying or you continuously improve your application and never apply for the desired position.

Together we can change that!

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Progress and thrive in your existing career


Career vision / Goal setting / DISC profiling / Values & Beliefs / Strenghts / Asking and receiving feedback / Role play 

What is holding you back from embracing your power to thrive and progress? You might be feeling like an impostor. Like you’re never enough. Like you’re working twice as hard as you should and still, no one is noticing you. Maybe the environment in which you are is so toxic that you are miserable and yet you don’t change it. Or you just need a bit of support in creating a vision for your career, set goals, and go for it.

Whatever it is, we can work on empowering you to make the right steps for you.

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Help your group become a team

Team leads

Leadership coaching / Team coaching / Team purpose / Team building / DISC profiling and use

A leader is only as strong as their team is and vice versa.

Becoming a leader when you’ve only experienced being an amazing individual contributor can be hard. If you’re growing in that position in-house or you’ve been hired in a new company, it’s an exciting challenge. After the first months, you find your footing, the honeymoon stage is over, and team challenges arise.

We can navigate those challenges, create a plan to build a strong team, and empower them to grow into the next generation of leaders.

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I am one of those “new age” people that for some reason don’t like phones. Write me a message, meet me for a coffee, or schedule a Zoom call and I’ll be happy to chat.