Morning coffee with screensaverz

Lift-off or lay-off?

In Collaboration with Screensaverz

2022 and 2023 have been incredibly challenging for Tech. If Corona brought an abundance of new positions across the industry, it seems the following years will correct that “mistake.” Day after day, we hear about another company laying off people, a looming recession, and AI ready to take over the world.

In this discussion, we will search for meaningful responses to discomfort with rising costs, mass layoffs, advances in artificial intelligence … and the impact they can have on our profession.

Pia will share with us the human aspect of what is happening now and how to maintain one’s (mental) health and self-image. Aljaž will contribute insights from his courses, which will help us practice design according to the specifics of the market, the company, the team, and the product each of us encounters.

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