Published: 18. 04. 2023

Leadership tools

The tools below are coaching tools you can use in your practice as a leader, a coach, or a self-reflective individual. They are the tools that I regularly use with my clients and in my design team. I share them because I’ve used them so often that I’m confident they can help you reach your goals.

They are completely free to use but require you to credit correctly when using them in a professional setting.


Tool based on Cognitive reframing. This goal-oriented, masculine tool focuses on reframing our negative and unsupportive thoughts into positive and more supportive thoughts. These drive our emotions. Our emotions drive our behavior. Our behavior, in the end, can have an effect on changing challenging situations.

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Tool based on the Radical emotional acceptance approach popularized by Dr. Tara Brach. This soft, feminine tool focuses on mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion. It can help us recognize and honor our emotions. That is especially true in difficult situations when we are inclined to push our emotions away.

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Published: 18. 04. 2023



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