• To all women working in tech

    …and those that want to.

    In 2017 we witnessed a controversy over the so called “Google manifesto” written by James Damore, now a former Google developer. I took me some time to think over the situation when it first came…

  • Thoughts on being a better mentor

    As a mentor I’m only as successful as my students are. This has been my motto ever since I’ve started mentoring on a daily basis. Yes, I’m like a proud momma bear when my students finish the course and feel good when they compliment me, but the reality is that I’m only as successful as they…
  • My Coaching Journey

    Like so many things in my life, coaching found me. Obviously the intent was there, but it was merely an idea. As a Mentor and a Teacher I’ve worked with people for almost 20 years now. I am not really…

  • The product person

    Last year when I was at UX Scotland I’ve listened to an interesting keynote by Cennydd Bowles titled Post UX. His hypothesis was that UX in its essence is changing and that it has to change.