My Coaching Journey

Like so many things in my life, coaching found me. Obviously the intent was there, but it was merely an idea. As a Mentor and a Teacher I’ve worked with people for almost 20 years now. I am not really thaaaaat old, I just started really young. At 16 I was already heavily involved in the community of youth leaders and at 17 I was leading workshops for other youth leaders.

I think it all started because my grandma was at the right place at the right time and I visited her there. She introduced me to a group of teenagers that were just as passionate about making a change as I was and we formed a group that focused on making a change in the community and working with children.

Becoming a teacher felt like the most normal (rational) thing to do. It fit into what I was doing anyhow and I was good at it. I loved working with kids and I had a way with parents. But one thing destroyed me – my own self-doubts and the need to be liked. I just didn’t feel like I belong.

Long story short … decision to leave the school environment took me from co-owning a business, moving in tech to support my husband, very naturally progressing to UX where I could in many ways still teach and grow, and in the end to coaching.

One click on a button “Join this meetup group” and the next thing I remember was talking with a trainer of a coaching course to get feedback about the needs and wishes I had about becoming a coach.

One thing led to another and I decided to join Professional Coaching Diploma Program led by Be Coach Academy.

After the course, I wrote this on my LinkedIn:

After 6 months, 73 hours of live training, 6 hours of online webinar, 2 individual coaching sessions, 9 hours of supervised coaching sessions with feedback, 10 hours of ​self-learning (reading and video materials), and 40 hours of coaching I finally collected and sent all the documentation for my coaching diploma.

I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t easy.

Full-time work, mentoring UX/UI students, and trying to have some normal life in combination with the course – was a challenge.

I am not sure I’d say yes to it if I knew how much work it will be. But looking back, I believe this was the best decision I made in years. I learned a ton, my communication style changed, I became a better leader, and (I think) a better human being. I can highly recommend the training to all that are interested in coaching and/or are in a leadership position.


It has been transformational in so many ways and not only have I gotten knowledge, but also friends that I’ll cherish forever. I know my coaching journey has just begun and I am walking the path towards getting the ICF ACC certification, but this was the first step. And first steps are always the hardest.

So, until the next time…don’t be afraid of first steps. They bring transformation beyond our imagination.


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